Saturday, 29 October 2011


Hi my friends, I am still looking for followers and visitors, but I think that I must jack this blog up a bit. Any ideas.
Last week I spend many hours setting up another blog, for recipes it took me a long time and to day I decided to delete it. So if anyone had a great recipe to share, please e mail it to me at Then I will post it on this silly old blog. Last week Gordon (my son) and I made a lot of beading jewellery to sell at a school fete, having phoned him a minute ago one necklace was sold. Poor man is battling, he has no job as many people suffer the same predicament. He is a Gold Smith and make wonderful precious jewellery, so we thought we would do this fete. But to no avail.
Next week I am going to do all my Christmas goodies, I love making Christmas decorations and been making my own cards for many years. My Face Book friends who make some wonderful Cards have helped me a lot of which I am very grateful.
I have trouble with this PC. the fan has gone, so must I before it gets to hot and closes down. Bye for now.

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