Thursday, 7 July 2011


Hi my friends, Have been having trouble with my eyes for a while now, this and that, but now I find out that I have to have an op. to repair a Macular Hole in my right eye. I do believe that it is quite common.
The macula is the most sensitive portion of the retina and is responsible for the high-definition central vision required for tasks such as reading. the macula is very small, and central, most sensitive area is only about the size of the head of a pin. A jello-like substunce called the Vitreous Gel fills the central cavity of the eye. The vitreous gel shrinks with AGE in most people. However some people have an area where the vitreous is firmly attached to the retina. As the vitreous shrinks and pulls away from the retina, it can pull a small hole in the retina.
The surgical procedure performed, removing the vitreous gel from thee ye so it is no longer pullingonand distorting the macula. the vitreous gelis replaced with a bubble containing a mixture of air and gas.
The purpose of the bubble is to act as an internal, temporary bandage that holds the edge of the macular hole in place as it heals. the bubble will be gradually resorbed by the eye during 1 - 2 week period following surgery. As the bubble is resorbed, the vitreous cavity refills with a naturally produced fluid.
NOW the bit I do not like: For the first week you should remein in a face-down position 90% of the day and night.

Oh Well.....

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