Saturday, 21 May 2011


Well at last I have decided to write a bit of rubbish here, been lazy for a while, playing Face Book, which I enjoy. But have had an eye op. and I think they swisted this silly neck of mine, now I have very bad neck and back and pin and needles in my arms so have been feeling sorry for myself ! Boo Hoo.
Last night early evening we went to Gordon and Shirley's it was Lee's 9th Birthday, and I we all say it but it is true, how time flies. We gave him a rain gage, Max - Mim thermometor and a book for recording all this inforemation down, hope he will enjoy it now and in the years to come. We like to think of something different, which will give pleasure for a very long time, and with luck he can pass it on to his Kids and can remember us.
Little Cass Wass (Cassidy) was there, not well, she has a cold, she always seems to have a cold that poor darling, and then give it to the whole family, as germs go. She had a new pair of speckticals got them yesterday, and very kind gentleman from her school donated them to her, as Tracy and Glen are struggling at the moment, as a lot of people are. There are some wonderful people in the world, and this gentleman, who I do not know, Thank you very much and Natalie for organising the whole business. She has a squint, and will rectify itself with specs in a year.
I have got a Silhouette SD Robo cutter, and it does give me a bit of up hill, but struggling along, one day will be there, I have downloaded Inkscape, now all I need are CD Turtorials.
Trying to make a card for a friend who turns 80 on Monday, will show u later when it is finished, I spend a lot of time dreaming, and thinking then only getting down to work!!!~ LOL golly I am a fool.

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