Saturday, 1 January 2011


Tony my DH calls me Grasshopper Brain, cause I cannot stick to one job at a time, all these posts of mine prove that, I am all our of sequence. I was mentioning the other day that I call my place where I work my Slave Cave, cause I do not really want people to know I am having the time of my life here, so if I say Slave Cave, they will think poor old dear always working. That is what my domestic helper thinks, (Black Lady) she really thinks that I work very hard !!!
It is a terrible mess to ashamed to take a photo of it cause you will all think I am a messy slave.
My mother-in-law, came to live with us 1989 and we converted the garage which is attached to the house, into a little flat, a bed room, lounge, kitchen and bathroom, well this place is full of all my must have rubbish, and still moan and groan because I cannot go shopping in the USA or the UK.
The wonderful goodies I see on Face Book which my friend buy, turn my stomach. Because what I must have I cannot get. There are some places here to buy from, but I really do not think that there is the selection. So from now on I will get down to a few of my Christmas pics, and have a wonderful photo of Cassidy taken on the 30th Dec, so must get to there before I can show you.
While I am on the subject of nothing I was wondering how I can get more traffic coming to my blog. Maybe if someone will design a page for me and I can sell it or something like that. Not for free to who ever concerned. Do you follow the ramblings of a very happy blogger, with only 20 followers. Now is that not sad. Love you all. xxx


Desire Fourie said...

Oh I had a good laugh at you going under cover as a slave cave manager! ... I must seriously consider going the same route. Don't feel bad about your 20 followers as there are actually loads more followers that actually visit your blog, but does not sign up as a follower.

Pumpy said...

Ja Desire, it is lovely to have you back from holiday, then I get some commments. Love it xxxx