Sunday, 3 October 2010


I made this card for my Daughter and her family for their new house, had to sell the other house, like everyone else shortage of cash flow. It breaks my heart, to see all these youngsters batteling so terribly. Once you are out of the market I wonder if it is ever possible to get back in. THE RICH GET RICHER.

I have started buying CD from dealers and making different cards from their, paper and elements. It is quite good fun and you learn quite a lot of different cards to make. My trouble is I spend to much time thinking and brain roaming.
Does that make sence. This CD was from Dreamees.
and Dreamees Blog.


Desire Fourie said...

Loving this card which is perfect for Xmas. Great design which flows on the eye ... the vertical striped cardstock complements the tall Xmas tree perfectly.
PS: Will have to get a lesson or two from you ...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful card Pam , so pleased you like the cd
lets see more what you make from our cds

Jane said...

These are great cards, I have enjoyed looking through your blog. Thanks for the lovely comment on my chicken photos :)