Thursday, 10 June 2010


Well, it has eventually arrived, all ready and excited to get the show on the road.
Flags everywhere, cars, buildings, houses and I am sure many bedrooms. My grandson Lee just old enough 8 to really take the enjoyment and get the experience from all the hype of this great occasion.
I would like to wish all visitors to South Africa an enjoyable and safe stay. When you return home tell your friends what a wonderful place it is and the great time you had here. We need many people to return for a visit, as this will offer many jobs for the unemployed.
We wish Bafana Bafana the best of luck, show them what we are made of boys of ours.
May all the games be played in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
Hope the spectators behave.
Go South Africa go, smiles and love all round.


Nettie said...

World Cup Fevah is well and truly upon us isn't it Pumpy! thankyou for kind comments on my blog and if you'd like me to talk you through changing your blog background? please email me on and I'll be happy to help! hugs Nettie xx

Pumpy said...

That would be great Nettie. Thanks.

LilyBelle said...

Hi Pumpy ... I can't drag my dh away from the TV. If he were younger and more able he'd long to be there in person but, of course, television is the next best thing. :)

Pumpy said...

Ahh, to get older is not easy, Thank goodness for TV. These men do love their sport.

Desire Fourie said...