Wednesday, 16 June 2010


This snow is on Table Mountain Cape Town - Most unusual. Come to show the Football fans that we can put on a cold show as well.

Snow in Worcester – it’s freezing in Cape Town
Worcester experiences more extremes of temperature than neighbouring Cape Town, as oceanic influences are blocked by the Du Toitskloof and Slanghoek mountain ranges to the west. The daytime maximum in summer averages in the low 30°C's, but some days in February can reach in excess of 40°C. Summer is generally dry with the rare late summer thunderstorm, whilst spring and autumn are shoulder seasons of pleasant temperatures ranging from an average 10°C minimum to 25°C maximum, with the occasional rain shower. Winters are generally very windy and often cool to cold with snow being common on the higher lying ground above 1500m. Daytime maximums range from 10°C-17°C, with minimums hovering at or just above freezing. Winter brings most of Worcester's 175 mm of annual rainfall. The town lies in a curious rain-shadow phenomenon caused by the surrounding high mountains.


LilyBelle said...

Oh what wonderful photos. I've so enjoyed looking at them. When I lived in California you could quite often see snow on the mountains while it was lovely and warm at the lower levels.

Pumpy said...

You are used to a lot more snow than this, and I feel guilty complaining about the cold, when really I have never really been cold.

Desire Fourie said...

oh wow, the mountains at Worcester really look spectacular in their white jacket. thanks for sharing.