Wednesday, 30 June 2010


We were on our way somewhere and I saw some donkeys in a field, they were so sweet, asked Tony to stop so I could take photos, I was leaning over the fence taking picture and playing with them and having a jolly good time, one nibbled my are the other pulled my jersey, Happy Donkeys, the the third one came and and bit me, Golly it was painful, Screaming for Tony but he did not hear me as he was having a chat to Maureen. Eventually I pulled away from the Bugger it was swollen up in no time and I have a terrible bruise. Will not play so nicely with Donkeys again. Never knew they BIT.

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Desire Fourie said...

Sorry for your pain and discomfort, but this is hilarious. Growing up on a farm myself where we also had some donkeys, I know too well that they can dish out a nasty bite and also a powerful kick ... so beware.