Thursday, 27 May 2010


My Brother and his wife Maureen, have been married 30 years, in Cape Town, I remember it was cold and very miserable. I borrowed a posh coat from a friend, and Maureen was very weary of me when she saw this posh coat and me in it for the first time. Always laugh about that. Cause I am not very posh. Just normal. !!!!!

I have learnt so much it is amazing, but now that this is posted and I can see I have used the wrong paper for the background.


Luz Maria Bruna said...

Hi my lovely friend!!!
Thanks for stoppping by my blog.I love visiting yours and seeing your cards and photos.You know I`ve been to South Africa years ago and it was fantastic.I visited many places because I stayed for one month.I`ve grea great memories of this trip.

Desire Fourie said...

Gorgeous card Pam and so fit for an anniversary. So glad you got the hang of the iris folding so quickly. Love the heart shape you have created here and the background may not be what you originally envisaged, but it works perfectly. I also notice you have used some of the stamps you purchased! You may think you are not posh, but I know for sure you have a posh personality, after meeting you in person for the first time the other day.
PS: Will have some big dye ink pads in stock again when you come for your next lesson.