Monday, 8 March 2010


A romantic balloon safari is another way to enjoy malaria free safari vacations. The conditions for ballooning are perfect in the Pilanesberg National Park. The safari lasts approximately four hours and includes a game drive in and out of the park where you are bound to have at least one close encounter with a member of the Big Five. There is also champagne and a full English breakfast on landing. As you float over South Africa on your balloon safari you could not be more free, nor ask for a more perfect vacation with no malaria to worry about!

Suncity Golf Courses, South Africa

The Suncity golf courses in South Africa are just as spectacular as the rest of the Suncity Resort, with both courses offering the best golf facilities in Africa.
The two golf courses were designed by South Africa 's golfing pro Gary Player, and top golf tournaments are played on these courses. Whilst professionals can certainly do their rounds, Suncity has not forgotten the amateur player; the Titleist Golf Academy provides private or group instruction and golf clinics.

The Palace of the Lost City

The Palace of the Lost City in South Africa is undoubtedly one of the world's most unique and imaginatively decorated hotels. Within The Palace of the Lost City complex, a fairytale palace awaits you, built with passion and dedication. The interior of The Palace features beautiful mosaics and frescoes as well as hand-painted ceilings, all paying tribute to the art and nature of South Africa. A trip to South Africa would not be complete without a visit to the Palace of the Lost City.

Suncity Malari-Free Safari Vacations, South Africa

Malaria free safari vacations are a certainty at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Guests staying at Suncity (also a malaria free environment) can enjoy day trips here at any time. More and more people are opting not to take prophylactics and consider malaria free safari vacations a top priority when visiting Africa. Because Sun City and the surrounding areas are malaria free, it is one of the few parks suitable for a safari for small children. Just because your vacations are spent in a malaria free game park does not mean you compromise your safari in terms of wildlife viewing!

There is a lot of fun to be had here, you can throuh a bit of money away on the Tables or slot machines that is always a good way to earn some fun, good or bad!!!!! Good Luck to you all.

Many resturants there, you name it you can do it.


Desire Fourie said...

Hot air ballooning is definitely on my little list of lifetime to do's. Thanks for sharing.

Pumpy said...

Just round the corner from you. A friend of mine spent her 60th in one over the Seringetti. dont know how to spell. !!!!