Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Gordon putting an Owl House in a big tree in our garden, they gave it to us for Christmas. The house box not the tree !!! LOL
I do not know what type of owl we have in Johannesburg, but we are really hoping to attract one, to listen to the lovely calls of the owls at night is extremely gratifying.
Watch this space !!!!
The page was a quick page from Pamelforsdesigns a freebie the writing at the top is an Alpha from her and a bit of printing for house.


LilyBelle said...

Love the layout and the idea of an Owl House is sooooo interesting. I'll certainly be watching to see if you have any "takers." If you do, try to get a photo and post it! :>)

Pumpy said...

Definitely, they will come in spring I hope so that will be about September. xx