Monday, 11 May 2009


I do not think I have mentioned that the Farm is called "The Frogery" helped by the fact that we have thousands of frogs here, it must be in the mating season that they go mad with chiors of frogs, can hardly sleep. Then of course the poor little tadpols get eaten by the fish in the pond
and birds and what have u. I suppose just as well the place would be really jumping, otherwise.
The name was created by a late friend, Paddy, we all tried to think of a name, and she came up with Frogery.
We have been busy in the last two weeks as you can read below. On the 10 June we are going to the Kruger National Park, our fav. place in the world, hope to have some lovely photo, for my blog.

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Loreta "with just one T" said...

thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to seeing pictures fro the Kruger National Park.