Saturday, 30 May 2009


My little Cass is not well, Casualty tried for 2 hours the other night to bring her temp. down. She has a Bacterial infection. She is sleeping on my bed at the moment. Makes one sad to see them sick. Hope she gets well soon. Such a card is this child when she is well, will keep her parents on the right track that is for sure. Hope if she is a leader that the Lord will make her a leader of good.
I snaged this cat Nappin from Bernie. Hope u do not mind my friend.


LoreTa Ferguson said...

I'm hopeing that she is feeling better by the time you read this post. Prayers to you all.

Pumpy said...

Thank you, and she has lost her little puppy, and does not know!!!! Oh Dear. She will be well soon getting better all the time.