Friday, 3 April 2009


Tony and I are at the farm until Monday, one week here and two weeks at home. We love it here quite and peaceful, no traffic or the noise, that come from living in a big city. The dogs think they are in heaven of course, they can run and play, chase a bird if they feel like it, the good thing about that is they will never catch a bird, they don't know that, we are not telling!

Not much work for them to do here, as at home they run up and down to the gate all day, just about, barking at all that wanders by.

While I sit here at my sloooooooow lap top, I have a bird feeder hanging outside the windown not more than 3 ft away from me and their are two birds that will never go hungry, they are here all the time. Not very spectacular birds but sweet none the less. They are called, we looked in the book, Lesser Honey Guide.

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