Thursday, 19 March 2009


Those hundreds of you that visit me, will know that everything I do is a struggle, well not to-day, it must be because it is my Birthday, one year cleverer!!! I am happy with my header, with a bit of help from my friend Jeanette at Easy Custom Blogs, I got it going first time. Which amazed me no end!

But I must tell you that I tried to make a Blog for my friend in Stoke (We will not tell her) being so clever I got it attached to my blog, so had to undo the lot. That is my job for tomorrow will get her going on a blog of her own, cannot be too hard to do.

All the good wishes I got for my Birthday were wonderful and greatly appreciated, all my friends phoned, sent cards. What gave me great pleasure was all my digital scrap booking friends and blogs, sent me good wishes, I was not expecting that. some even sent me a coupon and a free kit, makes it well worth getting a year younger. Of course the kids came for a little braai and Shirley made the salads and Tracy made the pudding which was very good indeed.

I tell, all and sundry to get involved in something on the net there are so many things exciting to look at, BUY, talk to. Most of my friends do not know the ins and outs of this cyber world and are bit timid, no one will bite you or even for that matter do they know who you are. When you are lonely get your self in front of the PC, and go for it, you will soon learn.

I have Skype so I am here if someone want to find me and have a chat. That could be good fun.

We saw an TV article the other night, that all the Paramedics are leaving the country in droves, as well as all the others. We are going to come out well, and when all is sorted and running well they will all come back. I really do not know how one can leave a country with such a diverse culture, and customs, the atmosphere is wonderful, so many wonderful places to go to and the wild life is amazing, always play our trump card last.


Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

I love your new header, noticed it yesterday and wondering "how". You're going to end up being a teacher here for the rest of us. I surely need some schooling at this point. First day of spring here and the weather is cool and sun goes in and out. As long as the sun doesn't get lost, it's so pretty to see the sunlight on all the trees and the shadows that we haven't seen for so long.
Have a great day, your birthday sounded like it turned out to be a great day!!

crosstown said...

Happy belated Birthday Pumpy! I am serfing Blogs today and it is great fun to learn about other scrapbooking friends

Pumpy said...

Thank you my friends.