Monday, 2 February 2009


I have not been very active lately, mind u I have been very busy, trying to jazz up this blog. It is very enjoyable and time consuming, don't forget jolly frustrating.
But I will not give up, have found a few sites that offer help check their blinkies on the right. But I still manage to botch it up. Trying to find some way for my friends and visitors to comunicate with me easily. It is a wonder Tony does not through me and this machine away, I won't go !! LOL. It is also damn hot here, I hate being hot, my biggest moan in life is being HOT. I will put a photo of baby Micayla in this post, I have never seen such a strong baby. She is lovely though.


Willie From: said...

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Anonymous said...

Get worried when you haven't been on your blog for a while.Pleased to see you are back. I find it difficult to find my way thro it, the only way to get my comments thro is by using anonymous as my profile.Lovely pics you put on of everyone. Sorry you are too hot, we are freezing, country come to a standstill due to snow.Have e-mailed thro normal channels but think you are too busy with your blog to look there. Luv B xx

Basha The Czar said...

Cuuute child

TammyJo's Creations said...

What a cutie patootie . Love kids ! , Say, I noticed you picked up a blog set I created - Cocoa Mint Blog Set. If you need a hand installing it - let me know and I'll be more than happy to help you...
TammyJos Creations