Friday, 6 February 2009


If you wish to Download this photo the link is HERE


Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

Hi there, I got all three pictures and I downloaded them all to freeshare, and left comments under the first and third one. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy that you took the time to post these for me. You have made me feel so extra special. I hope that things are going along good for you.


Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

I wrote you a comment, and told you how lovely the three pictures are, and that I went through shareware to get them and I LEft comments under two of them. After I posted a comment here, it told me that my box for the comment should not be empty, so I don't know if you got my thank you or not. Speak about trying to learn something, I am slow as coal molasses! Thank you so much for my beautiful pictures!!!