Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Time has sure flown by this December, I did not do much baking and cooking this year, we went to Tracy and Glen. Uncle Pete came with Tony and I. We had a peaceful day, can you believe it the area had no electricity 23,24,25, a bit but not at the crucial time, luckily Tracy got her Turkey out at about 11h00 then off went the lights, so we had not Christmas pudding and all that. I believe they had a huge storm and it blew most of the cables down. Never to fear we had a lovely day, The boys put up Cassidys Trampoline and we swam and played with her toys and did the usual things.
Boxing Day, Gordon, Shirley and Lee came to visit us at our house, cause they went to Shirleys Mom and Dad for Christmas day.
It really has been very hot here plus 35c, it takes it out of me and I do not want to do much in the Kitchen or anywhere for that matter.
On the 26th Zeta phoned me to tell me that my friend Hettie Coetzee passed away on the 23rd, very sad, she had been a friend of ours for over 20 years. Rest in Peace Hettie.

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