Thursday, 20 November 2008


This Lodge is on the Mutlumuyi River. Sometimes it does have water. They say they have seen some wonderful game on the river bed.

On Friday 14 November 2008, Tony and I went away to spend the week end at the Rhino Walking Safari, it is situated on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park. We stayed in White River for the Friday night, it was lovely, took a picnic supper with us and spent the evening sitting on the veranda, listening to the rain, the first for the season, it cooled it down quite a bit.
The next day we went into the Kruger National Park to spend a few days with Coral and Hugh Elliot, their daughter Nickie and her young man Gavin were there as well. He is a game hunter, takes all these naughty men out to shoot animals, someone has to do it I suppose. We liked him very much, he and Nickie live in Botswana, the Delta. They grow Tomatoes for the whole of Botswana. All the farming takes place in tunnels and they have drip irrigation.
The Rhino Walking Safari Lodge is lovely, very rustic in a luxurious way. There are game drives early in the morning and Brunch, then later in the afternoon after a hearty snack, we go on an evening game drive, after the drive we have a delicious supper. Most of the day is free to do as we wish, have a drive ourselves or laze about the camp. This is the first time we have been to the park and not seen many animals, it is because of the rain, lots of water for them to drink.

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