Tuesday, 28 October 2008


After Breakfast, which ended 11.00am we went to to Chelseys Birthday Party. There were about 30 kids there, a few parents. The kids were having a ball as kids do, jumping in and out the pool, and stuffing the tummies with goodies. Beverly Chelseys Nana, always puts up a good spread. Of course I could not leave the hard boiled egg sandwiches, washed down with a glass of Ros'e wine. No wonder I cannot lose weight.

The organised a Magician to entertain the guests. He was young and new to the whole world of Magic I think, very intertaining, and had the kids laughing and jumping around. Tony's father was an amature Magician of many years, and was constantly practicing in front of a mirror, to see if he gave any of his tricks away. We got Gordon (Our son) interested as well, but with work and what have you he has lost interest.

Back to the Party now, the cake was Harry Potter, the magicians hat on a book, it was very well done, and well chosen for the occasion.

Credits. Magician: Paper and Elements A. Coles.

Credits: Cake.MST_Playtime paper and embelishments USC_/engegy


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