Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I went to Blinkie your Blink maker, and some how got smilies downloaded, and therefore you see this rose. I really have no idea and rattle around here like an old dog.

I wish someone would visit my blog and leave me a bit of a message. Summer is on its way, and I must say I hate summer, even though a cool summer evening is a wonderful thing. Especially if you live in the bush, but unfortunately we live in Johannesburg, the odd cricket we hear a bit of car noise and every now and again, a gunshot, not that often though. It is amazing how we get used to seeing and hearing guns and security everywhere. It would be so good if the new government or rather President takes a hard stand on violence. Then it would really be Gods Own Country.

Will put a few pictures in of the new baby. The girl in the Blue shirt is Tracy my daughter, and the other couple are the parents of little Micayla, Rudi and Tania.

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